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Watch Live Formula 1 Streaming Free Online

Watch Live Formula 1 Streaming Free Online - Formula One racing is known as F1 racing is the fastest car racing event in the world. Formula One (F!) Is like a battle for pole position racer driving cars have speed like a jet. Event Formula One (F1) has the full name of the FIA ​​Formula One World Championship.

Formula One racing car (F1) consists of a series of races held in various countries. Therefore, the preparation of the team, both riders and car construction team, to be really solid. F1 racing was often called the Grand Prix. Grand Prix word itself comes from the French, Grand which means "great" and Prix which means "gift". So, the race Grand Prix Formula One (F1) this provides a very large gift and abundant.

In addition, race car Formula One (F1) championship also included the most expensive in the world of this Earth. That's because the competition lasted several series in many countries and many machines and used auto parts. Racing car Formula One (F1) racing takes place in a special or racetracks or on the street which was transformed into an impromptu circuit.

This super fast car championship fight two prestigious titles, the champion drivers 'and constructors' championship category. Determination of the drivers and constructors championship is determined by the number of points accumulated in each race weekend. The car races under the auspices of the FIA ​​(Federation Internationale de l'Automobile) was established in 1979. The headquarters of the FIA ​​itself is in the Palace de la Concorde, Paris, France. Nowadays, chaired by FIA President Jean Todt.

FIA competition authority Fomula One (F1) is set Formula One racing regulations that not only promote racing, but is also concerned with the safety of the drivers. Therefore, the safety standards of Formula One (F1) is really high, and from year to year is always an evaluation of regulation.

History Racing Formula One (F1)
Formula One racing car (F1) is rooted in a Grand Prix motorcycle competition around 1920 to 1930. However, the competition which lasted until World War II occurred before this has not been formalized. After World War II ended, the race car was formalized. Precisely in 1950, Formula One racing car raced officially started.

In the first race of the championship only rider category, while the constructors' championship categories ranging contested in 1958. Early Formula One (F1) which took place in 1950 is mainly the ones from the Italian driver, Giuseppe Farina in an Alfa Romeo mounts. At the beginning of this F1 racing competition, first gave birth to a legend in Formula One (F1), which Juan Manuel Fangio. Racer's nationality Argetina kompetis won the Formula One (F1) 4 times.

However, Formula One (F1) this was stopped in 1980 because of this competition are experiencing cost overruns competition. Over a year, F1 racing competition starts on pole again. This is because the contract Concorde Agreement, the profit-sharing system for the participating teams competition from television rights.

Formula One racing technology
Along with the development of technology in the field of automotive technology in racing cars of Formula One (F1) was evolved. Many technologies are used to support the fastest racing cars in the world. Due to technological developments this reason, the Formula One (F1) Renault introduces a new engine in 1977 in support of the Performance of a racing car. The new engine's output car manufacturer Renault-tech turbocharged. The new engine is claimed to produce more than 700 horsepower.

Over the years, the car speed racing Formula One (F1) is increasing. In 1987, Formula One race cars speed F1 can produce more torque than 1,000 horsepower. In 1984, the FIA ​​imposed a regulation on the capacity of the fuel tank. In addition, the FIA ​​also freeze gait tech turbocharged engine in 1989. This was done to limit the speed of F1 pole is increasing. In the early 1990s, the technology supporting Formula One racing car (F1) is growing.

Advanced technology in a super-fast race car Formula One (F1) began to appear, such as traction control, power steering, and a semi-automatic gearbox. These technological advances are increasingly supporting the expertise of the drivers in the running this pole. Super fast car racing competition was attended by many teams. However, there are four teams that become big four in the race for the title and the drivers' title kontruktor.

The top four teams are Ferrari, Williams, McLaren and Renault (formerly Benetton). Actually, a lot of teams who follow car racing championship Formula One (F1) is. However, the dominance of the big four in the competition of Formula One (F1), making teams gurem be merely entertainers team in F1 racing arena which eventually lead to bankruptcy.

Formula One (F1) Modern
In the 21st century, many records are created in the racing Formula One (F1). Record-the record created by racer Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. The dominance of the German driver, Michael Schumacher, started in early 2000 with the Italian team, Ferrari. A year later, Michael Schumacher managed to break the record for most wins in F1 kompetis.

Record for most wins in F1 racing was previously held by the Frenchman, Alain Prost with 51 victories. Schumacher also broke the record again in 2002. This time, Schumy, her nickname, record became world champion F1 driver earliest by winning the Grand Prix Formula One (F1) France in July 2002.

Michael Schumacher's success continued in 2003 with a record-breaking world champion with the highest world title 6th. Schumy's record beat the previous record held by Juan Manuel Fangio with five-time world champion. In 2004, Michael Schumacher adds to his world title to 7 degrees.

Michael Schumacher's record printed with the team Ferarri.Sejarah back engraved in competition racing Formula One (F1). In 2008, the German driver, Sebastian Vettel, became the youngest driver to take pole position or the position of the first start in the series F1 Italian Grand Prix. In addition, Sebastian Vettel had registered his name as the youngest world champion in Formula racing event to share a single (F1) in 2008. The title was most Formula One (F1) held by Michael Schumacher, while most constructors' title is held by Ferrari.

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